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KYO-TO-TO Embroidery creations. From Kyoto via Tokyo - to the World.


KY74-870/Commuter Pass Case/Plum Garden in Kameido


KY74-802/Commuter Pass Case/Girl Blowing Vidro


KY74-800/Commuter Pass Case/The Great Wave


KY74-92/Commuter Pass Case/Edobei


KY58-952A/Bargain price New Year's Set/2-Person

 : ¥8,525(税込)

価格: ¥6,800(税込)

KY58-952B/Bargain price New Year's Set/3-Person

 : ¥10,917(税込)

価格: ¥8,700(税込)

KY58-952C/Bargain price New Year's Chopsticks Set/7-Pieces

 : ¥3,657(税込)

価格: ¥3,000(税込)

KY86-867/Tiny Plate/Set of 5 Plates


KY86-12/Tiny Plate/Set of 2 Plates


KY86-866/Tiny Plate/Mouse in Blossom


KY86-48M/Tiny Plate/Mount Fuji in Square


KY86-14M/Tiny Plate/Seabream in Square


KY86-12K/Tiny Plate/Turtle in Hexagon


KY86-12T/Tiny Plate/Crane in Peach


KY69-861R/New Year's Ornament/Mouse


KY58-862/New Year's Towel Set/Mt. Fuji


KY58-861/New Year's Towel Set/Mouse


KY42-861/Keyholder/Sumo Mouse


KY95-865/Hand Towel/Mt. Fuji and Pine Trees


KY95-864/Hand Towel/Black Fuji


KY95-60/Hand Towel/Plover


KY95-460/Hand Towel/The Rolling Rice Balls


KY72-863/Face Towel/Blue Fuji


KY72-862/Face Towel/Red Fuji


KY72-861/Face Towel/Sumo Mouse [Red]


KY72-860/Face Towel/Etogashira [White]


KY72-859/Face Towel/Amulets [White]


KY72-272W/Face Towel/Daruma Doll [White]


KY72-12R/Face Towel/Crane and Turtle [Red]


KY72-266R/Face Towel/Kagami mochi [Red]


KY19-803/Men's Shirt/Tigers (L-Blue)


KY19-834/Men's Shirt/Crow Feathers (White)


KY19-845/Men's Shirt/Dragon (Indigo)


KY58-768/New Year's Towel Set/Pine and Plum


KY95-833/Hand Towel/Inocchi


KY72-29/Face Towel/Treasure Collection (Red)


KY72-771/Face Towel/Japanese White Apricot (Red)


KY72-768A/Face Towel/Japanese White Pine (White)


KY72-833/Face Towel /New Year's Decoration(White)


KY72-832/Face Towel/Boar and a Piglet (White)