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KY65-782/Kimono-Style Baby Underwear/Rabbit Amulet

価格: ¥3,300 (税込)
数量: pcs



KY65-782/The kimono-styled baby underwear uses a double gauze fabric made in Japan. The embroidery on the back is called "Se-mamori" (Se=back, Mamori=amulet). It is a protection from evil spirits.

In the olden days, stiches were believed to repel evils. Symbols were embroidered on the back of baby's kimono, because it was made with one piece of fabric without any stiches. There are many kinds of symbols chosen for Se-mamori, but it tends to be a character that were believe to bring good luck to the future for children, such as rabbit, dragonfly, butterfly and bat.

The fabric has achieved Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX. It is fully manufactured and produced in Japan. Double layered gauze is 100% cotton. It becomes softer as it gets used. The fabric breathes and absorbs moistures well, which enables the baby to stay dry and cozy.

*OEKO-TEX Standard 100 proves that the fabric is not produced with any harmful substances.

Size / Length:30cm, Width:25cm., Sleeve length:21cm

Material / 100% Cotton

Made in Japan

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