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KYO-TO-TO Embroidery creations. From Kyoto via Tokyo - to the World.

KYWS-069/Patch/Gagaku (Japanese Court Music)

価格: ¥1,650 (税込)
数量: pcs



KYWS-069/"Gagaku", is said to be the oldest form of orchestra Japan. It came into Japan from China and Korean and prospered in the Nara period. The essential instruments of "Gagaku" are three winds, three drums and two strings.
*"Rakuchu rakugai-zu" (Scenes / Views in and around Kyoto), captures Kyoto when it was the capital. Painted on six-panel folding screens from a bird's eye view. It dates back to 1530. The detailed paintings captures Kyoto's famous places, like the Imperial Palace, temples and shrines, warrior residences, shops as well as 3,000 towns people from all walks of life.

Size / 2cm x 4cm / 3cm x 4cm / 2.5cm x 4cm

Material / Embroidery thread: 100% Rayon,Glue Sheet: 100% Nylon

Made in Japan

This patch Stick-on and Iron-on too.
Commercial use of this product is strictly prohibited.

〈How to iron on this patch〉
※The patches can be ironed on cotton and polyester materials, be careful of heat-sensitive materials.
※Take care of hot iron burns.

How to use patches
PC site here→https://en.kyototo.jp/patch.html
Smartphone site here→https://en.kyototo.jp/smp/freepage_detail.php?cid=0&fid=4

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