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KYWS-828/Patch Set/Three monkeys

価格: ¥1,650 (税込)
数量: pcs



KYWS-828/A monkey carrying a sugoroku game board and a monkey holding a bag containing the game pieces are cheerfully chatting. The 3rd monkey has leaves to wear and holy beads are hooked on a branch he carries on the shoulder. What is he role playing?
*"Choju-giga" ink painting, is said to be the oldest "manga" cartoons in Japan. It is a 4 volumes painting scroll of, personified animals such as frogs, foxes, monkeys, cats, etc.. One of the most famous scene, depict a hare and a frog sumo wrestling. The works said to be from the 12th-13th centuries, but details are unknown. There are various opinions in the interpretation of the scrolls contents.

Size / 3cm×8cm / 3cm×5.5cm / 2cm×4cm

Material / Embroidery thread: 100% Rayon,Glue Sheet: 100% Nylon

Made in Japan

This patch Stick-on and Iron-on too.
Commercial use of this product is strictly prohibited.

〈How to iron on this patch〉
※The patches can be ironed on cotton and polyester materials, be careful of heat-sensitive materials.
※Take care of hot iron burns.

How to use patches
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