2021 New Year's Fresh Towels.

In Japan it is common to give a fresh towel on New Year and celebrate occasions.

Mushroom Season

The Taste of Autumn

The Colors of Kyoto

All new , easy to breath mask collection..

Face Masks

Washable and Reusable Cotton Masks

Top Reviews

Since discovering Kyo-To-To's Banshu-ori stoles a few years ago I have amassed a collection of the various designs, The stoles are very versatile and I have used them in both casual and business settings. Easy to care for I usually have one in my bag at all times.

Ann M-D on Oct 01, 2020


I really like the design and this yokai story. The mask is well made and easy to use.

Roy on Jun 19, 2020


I've already bought this Yokai patch two times because I sewed it onto my face masks as a lucky charm. Very high quality and super fast shipping.

littleyokaigirl on Oct 08, 2020
Japanese Masterpiece series

 A homage to leading Japanese painters and some of the most noted masterpieces of Japan. Using various embroideries to recreate lively expressions and movements using motifs from within the paintings. They are carefully recreated into various embroidered items.

"Yokai" Spirits Patches

They glow in the dark:)