Terms of Service

The followings are Terms of Service (“Terms”) stipulated for KYO-TO-TO online store (the “Store”) operated by DUOMO CO., LTD.

Article 1 Applicable scope and modification of the Terms
The Terms are applicable to all the users defined in Article 3.
The Terms may be added, deleted or modified without any notice to users.
All the users should confirm contents of the Terms when using services stipulated in Article 2 (the “Service”).
By using the Store, all the users have agreed with what is written in the Terms.

Article 2 Services to be provided
Followings are services provided by the Store.
Sale of goods
Provision of information
Various services accompanied with the services listed above
Services provided by the Store in the future
The Store may add, delete or modify the contents of services defined in this Article.

Article 3 Definition of user
“Users” are defined as the ones who use this contract and Service.

Article 4 Completion of sales contracts
Sales contracts between users and the Store are completed upon the following timings.

When the Store receives order information from users in the case of orders via the online store
When the Store receives order in the case of orders via means other than the online store
In the case of underage users, they should order with parental or caretakers’ consent.
After completion of a sales contract, the Store charges a user for payment (“Payment”) through payment method specified by the user defined in Article 7 based on the sales contract completed between the user and the Store.

Article 5 Cancellation of contracts
The Store can cancel contracts in the following cases.

In the case where ordered products are out of stock and another shipment is not determined yet.
In the case where products become defective such as damaged or broken before delivery, are out of stock or another shipment is not determined yet.
In the case where products are not available as they are discontinued in production by manufacturers or suppliers.
In the case where products cannot be delivered due to destination unknown or long absence of recipients.
In the case where users did not pay within the specified period.
In the case where products cannot be delivered due to other reasons.
In the case of fraud or inappropriate behavior, the Store can take appropriate measures such as cancellation or termination of sales contracts regardless of the rules specified above.

Article 6 Prices
Prices for products are listed on pages of detailed product information. Shipping fees are written on “Delivery, Shipping fees, Payment Methods” page.
Consumption tax is included in product prices and shipping fees. Delivery fees listed on “Delivery, Shipping fees, Payment Methods” page are uniform throughout the nation based on delivery methods stipulated in Paragraph 1, Article 8.
The Store can change product prices and shipping fees without notice to users. If either or both of product prices or/and shipping fees is/are changed after completion of contracts, users pay prices for products at the time of completing sales contracts and the Store shall not charge or refund the difference to users.

Article 7 Payment
Payment through PayPal.

Article 8 Delivery of products
All the products ordered from customers are basically delivered in the package by carriers specified by the Store. Carries are selected by the Store according to size, weight and nature of products.
If products cannot be delivered to hand under eaves due to size, weight or nature of products, or users specify delivery methods other than carriers with fixed routes, the Store shall ask users to pay for the difference in shipping fees if shipping costs more than at the time of completion of sales contracts.
Although most of products are collectively shipped from our warehouse, some products may be delivered separately if you order more than one product at once as some are shipped from other inventory spaces or directly shipped from manufacturers or suppliers.
Users can change delivery destination that they specified at the time of order by notifying the change to the Store before the Store starts making arrangements for delivery.
If users contact the Store after we started arrangements, users take responsibility and pay for expenses to change destination as the Store has no obligation to respond to users’ requests.
If users want products to be delivered to more than one destination, you place an order for each destination.
Users cannot request multiple products to be delivered to separate destinations after ordering more than one product at once to be delivered to one destination.
Users can specify delivery destination that is not your own address.
If users do not receive products themselves, you should make sure to notify to destination or receivers of delivery of products so that products will not be returned to the Store.
Users pay cost for returning and re-shipping if products are returned to us and delivered again later due to your carelessness such as unaccepted or long absence.
Products are delivered within 5 days (except for some remote islands) after ordering except as specified in Article 9.
Delivery may take longer than provided in the paragraph above due to reasons provided as followings.

・In the case of our inventory days during which products cannot be shipped.
・In the case of our company holidays during which products cannot be shipped.
・In the case of a lot of amount of shipping or other jobs to do during which products cannot be shipped as scheduled.
・In the case of late delivery due to carriers’ reasons after shipping products.

Users with special requests can specify delivery date and time based on the period provided in Article 8.
The Store tries to make arrangements to meet delivery date specified by users as much as possible.
If it is difficult to deliver on the user-specified date, we can set another date.
Users should contact carriers by themselves to make arrangements for redelivery if products are delivered on a delivery date during your absence and a carrier brings back your products by leaving non-delivery notice.
The Store takes no responsibility for direct or indirect damages on users caused by delay of delivery due to reasons listed in Article 9 and 11, or other reasons.

Article 9 Ownership transfer
Ownership of products is transferred to you or delivery destination specified by you at the time of receiving ordered products.

Article 10 Return or Exchange
Ones you completed a perches we do not accept any exchanges or cancellations.

Refund or exchange is accepted only in the case of a defective item or if the wrong item was send by mistake. In such cases, please send us a photo of the damaged item and contact us within 7 days from receiving the products. In this case we will bear shipping fees.

Please note that we will not accept any item back after the 7 days period.

Article 11 Handling of personal information
The Store handles users’ personal information based on the “Privacy Policy” provided separately.

Article 12 Copyrights
Users cannot use or open any information including copyrighted works provided through the Store beyond the scope of users’ personal use stipulated by the Copyright Act without the authorization of right holders.
In the case of problems related with intellectual properties including copyrights caused by violation of rules in this article, users solve the problems at your expenses and with your responsibility and should not cause any trouble or damage to the Store.

Article 13 Prohibition
Users should not conduct the following acts or behaviors.
Criminal acts, acts that may be offensive to public order and morals, or any act or behavior that is or may be offensive to other laws.
Acts that hinder or may hinder our operation or business.
Acts or behaviors that tarnish the Store or third parties and cause or may cause trouble, inconvenience or damages to us or third parties.
Acts or behaviors that use this service with personal or false information of third parties.
Acts or behaviors that are offensive or may be offensive to the Terms.
Other acts or behaviors regarded as inappropriate by the Store.

Article 14 Disclaimer
This store shall change, delete or add composition of the web site, contents or web pages or others without notification, and shall not bear obligation to restore contents to the state before modification, deletion or addition upon users’ request. Same applies to EC system such as programs and database.
Users pay for preparation or installation of computer and communication devices, and all expenses including phone calls, FAX, internet access fee, connection fee and personnel cost required to use the Service.
In the case of lost or unreadable data about users caused by failure or trouble of our computer or communications devices or circuit disturbance, the Store shall unconditionally cancel or remove sales contracts without notification.
In the case of damages to other users or third parties caused by you upon using this service, you should dissolve it with your responsibility and expenses and not cause any damages to the Store.
The Store shall not take any responsibility for all damages to users if you could not use the Service.
The Store shall not accept liability for damages, loses and disadvantages of any kind resulting from use of the Service in any circumstances whatever reason for legal claims may be.
The Store shall be discharged as a result of doing paperwork in accordance with contents in which users registered or conveyed to the Store.

Article 15 Other matters
Completion, validity, execution and interpretation of the Terms are governed by Japanese law.
In the case of problems that cannot be solve by the Terms upon using the Service, users and the Store sincerely discuss and solve them.
If legal actions need to be taken concerning use of the Service, we shall submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court of Japan.