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Face Masks Made In Japan

Washable and Reusable Cotton Masks

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I was so happy and excited to receive my large sized bag with the skeleton on it. Not only is the bag beautifully made and the artistic design is amazing. I also liked the bag because it is light and easy to get items in and out. You can keep the sides opened so it is more of a tote bag or fold in the sides to give the bag a different look. I would highly recommend this purse.

Teena on Feb 06, 2021


Great gift!

I bought these as a gift, they are well made and really good patches.

Maisie on Feb 09, 2021


It’s so pretty that I don’t want to put a drink on it! :) it makes me happy to have, especially since I can’t be in Japan for Setsubun. These coasters make me feel as if I’m celebrating the holiday.

Elle エル on Jan 24, 2021



Ninja Face Mask

comfortable to wear in daily!

andi on Nov 02, 2020


Since discovering Kyo-To-To's Banshu-ori stoles a few years ago I have amassed a collection of the various designs, The stoles are very versatile and I have used them in both casual and business settings. Easy to care for I usually have one in my bag at all times.

Ann M-D on Oct 01, 2020


The quality is amazing and the design is fantastic. Super beautiful work + high quality feel. I’m incredibly happy with my purchase!

Elle エル on Jan 24, 2021


I really like the design and this yokai story. The mask is well made and easy to use.

Roy on Jun 19, 2020


I've already bought this Yokai patch two times because I sewed it onto my face masks as a lucky charm. Very high quality and super fast shipping.

littleyokaigirl on Oct 08, 2020