Is a brand name that fuses Kyoto and Tokyo representing both traditional and contemporary centers of Japan. “Departing from Kyoto via Tokyo - to the World”.

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Embroidered Bags

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Absolutely incredible detail

I love this patch. The size is really cute and the detail is impeccable. The colours on the leaves really pop, combining to create an overall stunning patch. This one has a prime spot in my collection!

Ben W on Sep 19, 2021


The bag itself is even more beautiful then picture.
The embroidery is detailed, delicate and perfect, petals are vivid as real. There is almost no color difference or saturation loss between pictures and actual product. With the strap it goes clutch or crossbody, both are perfectly fine and chic. And not to mention the beautiful tsubaki paper box! The paper box is just the cherry on the cake!

The baggage was shipped out within 48hrs, well-packed and came with a nice thanking note from the staff, which is also quite heart warming. In general I would say this is a 10/10 shopping experience.

Sabrina on Jun 10, 2021


Simply stunning.

I have both this cushion and the bonsai one in my bedroom. They are spectacular. The colour is gorgeous and the texture is so soft to the touch. Everyone who visits me always compliments this cushion. Simply stunning.

Ben W on Nov 21, 2021


I was so happy and excited to receive my large sized bag with the skeleton on it. Not only is the bag beautifully made and the artistic design is amazing. I also liked the bag because it is light and easy to get items in and out. You can keep the sides opened so it is more of a tote bag or fold in the sides to give the bag a different look. I would highly recommend this purse.

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It’s so pretty that I don’t want to put a drink on it! :) it makes me happy to have, especially since I can’t be in Japan for Setsubun. These coasters make me feel as if I’m celebrating the holiday.

Elle エル on Jan 24, 2021


Since discovering Kyo-To-To's Banshu-ori stoles a few years ago I have amassed a collection of the various designs, The stoles are very versatile and I have used them in both casual and business settings. Easy to care for I usually have one in my bag at all times.

Ann M-D on Oct 01, 2020