Handkerchief Towel	/Triceratops(K)
Handkerchief Towel	/Triceratops(K)
Handkerchief Towel	/Triceratops(K)
Handkerchief Towel	/Triceratops(K)


Handkerchief Towel /Triceratops(K)

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A small hand towel that will fit any small bag or pocket. Embroidered with Triceratops. A herbivorous dinosaur that inhabited the North American continent about 150 to 66 million years ago.The three horns on its head earned him his Greek name Triceratops '"three-horned face".

Original drawing by Kosuke, an elementary school boy living in Kyoto.
Kousuke is an elementary school boy living in Kyoto. His favorites are dinosaurs and paleontology. His future dream is to become a paleontologist. He drew paleontology creatures with Yuzen techniques, taught to him by his dad's friend.

Size / 22cmx22cm

Material / 100% Cotton

Made in Japan

Wash separately, due to friction color may discolored or transfer in the first couple of washes. Please avoid washing or leaving it wet.

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